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Fellow momma’s, I’m here for you! I plan to utilize this platform to share ideas, spread love, support and build a community of bad ass, fit moms! I, myself am a mom working my darnedest to stay sane, organized and super fit while raising my two beautiful little loves. A small town, country girl navigating life with my little family in the big city; constantly looking for the next half or full marathon to add to my list. Sports have always been a passion of mine and what they can offer you in character, learning and accountability. Soccer and hockey were my life as a child, which led to pursuing hockey at a university level while gaining my bachelor’s degree in nursing. Pediatric ICU nurse is now my proud title, working 12 hour shifts in a 12 week rotating schedule. Balance has been instrumental for me as I have always led a busy lifestyle. I have numerous outlets that are important to me to maintain a healthy mental state. So that’s why I’m share with you how I balance shift work, training for marathons, a busy/brilliant working husband, and my mental health with my two littles and dog in tow. Another momma seeking sanity, organization and balance. If this speaks to you and you’re seeking to be a bad ass, fit momma too, follow along in my chaos that is momma.runs.


All my love,