Treadmill tips and tricks


- Don’t trust the calorie counter- your treadmill will ask you about your demographics when you first program it, but the calorie burn is an estimate. I also program my watch while I run, but again it isn’t perfectly accurate either. You can use it as a benchmark for improvement as you go.

- Adjust your incline to 1-2% to mimic running on a flat terrain outside. If you are running at 0% incline, you are actually running a little bit downhill.

- Use an iPad or screen to kill time, just make sure it is centered in front of you or the misalignment can cause back/neck issues a d throw off your balance.

- A warm-up raises your heart rate, sends oxygen to your muscles, and raises their temperature so they'll be more efficient. Start with a 5-minute walk or easy jog on the treadmill before you pick up the pace or increase the incline (

- Don’t use the hand rails/ heart rate handles- use your watch or monitor for heart rate. If you need to use the rails, you are running too fast and risk injury, slow down.

- Cool down- avoid becoming dizzy and dropping heart rate and BP too quickly

- Your treadmill will be in miles per hour: 1 mile is 1.609 km



- Use the numbers during intervals so you aren’t having to use the arrows

- You can touch a number and the second number right away making it easily more customizable while running fast. (Ie. touch 7 and right away 3 to make it 7.3 MPH)

- If your treadmill is paused, you can hit the speed you want to go to start back at that speed instead of starting back at 1


- Use your pre set workouts. They are amazing and you won’t have to touch any buttons throughout your run.

- Use your “set a goal“ setting to count down your time (so much more motivating!). Once you set your goal, whether it be by time, pace or distance, you can tap on the time that is counting up until you reach your desired setting (ie. counting down instead)

I hope you guys are enjoying the workouts that I’ve been sharing. Let me know what you want to read/learn or see more of.

As always, all my love,


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